Welcome To Our New WIBN Members: Filzah Ehtesham, Melissa Day, Esther Harris, Nihal Salah, Melanie Ryan, Kirstie Richardson, Jacqueline Trew, Elicia Wisdom, Debs Cordery, Raj Stewart, Silvija Juodaitiene , Lauren Margetts-Bullock, Lisa Taylor, Rebecca Ryther, Joanne Sells, Tiffany Court, Rachael Williams, Sian Williams, Beccy Miller, Gerry Gould, Gemma Eason, Nihal Salah, Lindy Hunt, Jagdeep Gulati, Lucy Banwell, Carol Sharp, Michele Attias, Jo Jarvis, Sara Hawthorn, Louise Withy, Jo Painter, Fiona Kelly, Roselle Moss, Sue Rudd, Emily Weston, Sarah Perry, Polly Pearson, Wafaa Smeed, Angela Faulds, Elain Crewe, Georgie Steeples, Christine Garland, Kim Hughes, Sarah Passemard, Charlotte Mitchell, Sarah Wootton, Torrie MacLean, Viv Bird, Treeske Kluck, Fern Lee, Tanya Matheson, Acer Morgan, Tracy Muir, Lucinda Watson !


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