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WIBN new brand launch

WIBN is pleased to launch our new brand to take us forward!  Since WIBN started in 2006 we have kept moving, and as we continue our jouney we are constantly growing and expanding[...]

Meet the Team

WIBN Groups are run by a team of WIBN Associates across the country, headed up by Lindsay Loxley - Managing Director of WIBN. Visit the Team WIBN page to find out why these women a[...]

WIBN Video Centre

All our members have the opportunity to post videos about their businesses in the WIBN Video Centre.  Click on the Groups and Members tab on the menu bar to visit the Video Centre [...]

What is Networking?

Networking is essentially building a relationship and rapport with another person. In business we all need a solid group of people we can trust and respect. This of course works bo[...]

First Impressions of WIBN

"I arrived at my first WIBN meeting very nervous, having never done anything like this before and having to speak about my business in front of other people! I was made to feel so[...]

New Member Training

So your networking meetings are completed for the week... now it's time for emails to wing their way to contacts made, connect people and look for opportunities to help. How do YOU[...]