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Country Living Spring Fair 2015

Our Spring Fair takes place from 18-22nd  March in the Business Design Centre, London and is the perfect way to start the new season and get inspired with lots of ideas for your ho[...]

Surviving Winter

      This January fifty three individuals will be facing a warmer time and importantly know that businesses out there, are thinking of them. Within the WIBN area[...]

Sorry Al Fayed

MEET THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE BUSINESS … Lianne is a member of the Stevenage group and runs a party supplies business for events.  You can contact her via her website  or through fac[...]

Newsletter Communication

In our recent client newsletter we shared our thoughts on writing newsletters to keep audience engagement.  Despite pour knowledge in the area we did the usual, didn't send them ou[...]

Are you a skinny fat person?

Do you think your health is ok because the scales stay the same and your clothes still fit? Think again. You could be a skinny fat person, before you laugh read on…. Let me take a[...]